A global network of ActIvatorS!

ITC’s GreenToCompete Hubs are the multipliers of the GreenToCompete initiative with a focus on national priorities. They activate small businesses to go green by developing their capacity and knowledge to implement smart green business practices. They also mobilize other local institutions and organisations, the private sector, and government to provide an enabling business environment and support services for small businesses.

Currently active in the Caribbean, Ghana, Kenya, Laos, Nepal, Peru and Viet Nam, the Hubs are operated by local Business Support Institutions (BSOs).

Support programmes

The hubs support SMEs through different programmes and tools

  • Becoming a climate resilient SME
  • Resource Efficient & Circular Production (RECP)
  • Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS)
  • Positioning Sustainable Products in the International Market
  • Accessing Green Finance and Markets for Sustainable Products.

While each Activation Programme is built from these 5 core offerings, the exact composition and duration of the coaching component depends on local needs and priorities.

A global network of Activators!

The Hubs form part of ITC’s GreenToCompete Activation Network, a global ‘power grid’ of activators working to make green trade a reality.

The network enables:

  • insight and inspiration from other Activator BSOs
  • collective innovate on new green approaches for small businesses Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS)
  • sharing of lessons learnt and best practices
  • a strong common voice on the business case for small businesses to go green
  • peer-to-peer influence: where BSOs influence other BSOs to become Activators

SupportIng SMALL BUSINESSES to go green

During a 2-year period, ITC mentors each partner BSO, helping them professionalise and go green themselves. In this way, each GreenToCompete Hub becomes fully activated while training hundreds of locally trained experts that can activate others. By strengthening our links to each other and innovating together, we can use green trade to create enduring prosperity for everyone, everywhere. Every Hub is part of the GreenToCompete Activation Network Global.

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